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For the Sunday, I have planned a guided tour on a luxury party ship (the “Vasco da Gama”) through Rotterdam’s harbour. This journey through the world’s greatest harbour is a unique experience!

We will discover Rotterdam and all the sights it has to offer on and around the water. Enjoy the memorable experience of seeing the shipyards, docks and quays up close and of being part of the heavy traffic of seagoing vessels and inland ships on a river that brought glory to Rotterdam.


On this trip, we will clearly see why Rotterdam – with its impressive number of harbour basins – justifiably takes the lead among the world’s great harbours. In just a few hours, we will watch the processing of the massive flow of packed and bulk cargo from every corner of the world, which is a real ‘world experience’! We will follow the extensions to the harbour area, head straight to the sea and catch sight of ships of ever greater dimensions.

While cruising the Rotterdam harbour and taking in the breath-taking views, a buffet-style luncheon will be served on board of the fully-licensed ship.


Along the route: Nieuwe Maas – Oude Maas – Spui – Haringvliet – Hollands Diep – Kil – Oude Maas – Noord – Nieuwe Maas, we will encounter:

• Pernis
• Beerenplaat Water Company
• Haringvliet Outlet Sluices
• Numansdorp Traffic Bridge
• Volkerak-dam
• Willemstad
• Dordrecht
• Kinderdijk (with it’s famous windmills)
• Hollandse IJssel Flood Barrier
• Van Brienenoord bridge

detail of barrier

This trip includes an excursion in the afternoon, – lasting over an hour – to view the Maeslant Storm Surge Flood Barrier in the Nieuwe Waterweg, the final phase of the Delta Plan.

A varied exhibition, instructive and fun, technical but not too technical, including a moving scale model of the barrier, a film and a visit to the site will give you a complete picture of how this hydraulic wonder came about.

The Barrier House restaurant, where we will take tea afterwards, provides a spectacular panoramic view over the huge structure and the Nieuwe Waterweg, where deep sea-vessels glide by day-in day-out. (On average a large ocean-life going vessel glides past every six minutes.)

Pride of Hull

At the end of this tour, the ship will bring us to Europoort, where the Pride of Hull cruise-ferry awaits to take you back to the UK, if you so desire. (Your luggage from the hotel will then already have been brought there.)

Now you can put your feet up, relax, and look back on a weekend filled with nothing but high-points!

But, even better, you may also board the coach back to your hotel in Leiden to continue your visit to the Netherlands.