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Thursday, August 8th
A Day in a historic English Masonic Hall

The Masonic Hall at Kingston-upon-Hull
Luncheon (ladies and non-masonic guests welcome)
• Regular Meeting of Internet Lodge No. 9659 (UGLE)
• Lecture by W.Bro. Evert Kwaadgras:
    “Masonry with a Message and a Mission”
• Audio/Visual presentation: “History of Royal Palace ‘Het Loo’”
• Guided tour of the Hall

Thursday, August 8th The Cruise to the Continent

P & O: Luxury Cruise-Ferry
• P & O: Departure Kingston-upon-Hull
• P & O: Pride of Hull
• P & O: Buffet Dinner
• P & O: On-board Entertainment

Friday, August 9th A Day in The Hague / Scheveningen

• P & O: Arrival Rotterdam-Europoort
Cultural Masonic Centre “Prince Frederick”
Mesdag Panorama
Pavilion “De Witte” or “Von Wied”
• Museum Statues at Sea


The historic university city of Leiden
Golden Tulip Hotel

Saturday, August 10th

Programme for the members of:
Internet Lodge No. 9659 (UGLE),
“l’Age d’Or” No. 235 (GEN), and their invited Masonic guests
A Day in a modern Dutch Masonic Hall

• The Masonic Hall at Arnhem
Lodge “l’Age d’Or” No. 235 (GEN)
• Demonstration of 1st Degree Ceremony (Dutch style)
• Table Lodge (Dutch style)

Saturday, August 10th

Programme for Ladies and non-Masonic guests
A Day at the Palace

• Palace “Het Loo” I
• Palace “Het Loo” II
• Palace “Het Loo” III
• luncheon at the Palace

Saturday, August 10th An Evening at the Temple of Taffeh

National Museum of Antiquities
The Temple of Taffeh
Temple Hall: Interactive Panoramic View
Indonesian-style banquet
    or: Indonesian food and the Mystery of the ‘Rijsttafel’
The ‘Rijsttafel’ or ‘Rice Table’

Sunday, August 11th A Day on the Water

Vasco da Gama: Interactive Panoramic View
• Spido Tour: Rotterdam Harbour
• Spido Tour: Rivers and Windmills
Spido Tour: Maeslant Storm Surge Barrier
• Spido Tour: Europoort and Ferry terminal

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