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2002.07.16 Added FAQ 2 ( More Frequently Asked Questions)
2002.06.12 Added pages of Lodge l’Age d’Or
2002.05.13 Added Interactive panoramic view of the Vasco da Gama
2002.04.30 Added Pavilion ‘De Witte’ or ‘Von Wied’
2002.04.10 Added The Masonic Hall at Kingston-upon-Hull
2002.03.30 Added In Memoriam HM Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother
2002.03.28 Added Initial Survey - Confirmation
2002.03.27 Added P & O Cruise Ferry - Booking Form
Added P & O Cruise Ferry - Confirmation
2002.03.26 Changed the Golden Tulip Hotel **** - Booking Form
Changed the Golden Tulip Hotel **** - Confirmation
2002.03.25 Programmed new scripts for processing the response to survey and booking forms.
2002.03.24 Added Initial Survey
2002.02.05 Added National Museum of Antiquities
2001.11.26 Added Golden Tulip Hotel **** - Leiden
Added Golden Tulip Hotel **** - Booking Form
Added Golden Tulip Hotel **** - Confirmation
2001.11.25 Renamed existing Site-map to Festival Programme
Added new Site-map
2001.11.24 Added Maeslant Storm Surge Barrier
2001.11.24 Added The historic university city of Leiden
Added numerous items to the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
2001.11.23 Added Timetable
2001.11.22 Implemented Roll-Over Buttons
2001.09.25 Implemented Cascading Style Sheets and updated lay-out
2001.09.24 Added link to Internet Lodge Condolence register
2001.09.22 Added this What’s new? page
Added FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
2001.09.21 Added Dutch flag-icon for bookmarking purposes
2001.09.20 Changed navigational structure and added buttons to all pages
2001.09.19 Added Navigating this Site
2001.09.11 Added Memorial Page to commemorate the victims in America
2001.09.10 Added Mesdag Panorama
2001.09.09 Added A Day at the Palace
Added A Day on the Water
2001.09.08 Added Site-map
Added Interactive panoramic view of the Temple Hall
2001.09.07 Added Indonesian-style banquet
Added The ‘Rijsttafel’ or ‘Rice Table’