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Masonic Hall Leiden

The membership of l’Age d’Or consist not only of alumni of the Leiden university (although there certainly are those among them). Among the members are teachers, artists, government and municipal officials, entrepreneurs, pensioners, lawyers, university professors, (retired) officers of army, navy, police, and merchant navy, a pastor, politicians (both local and national), a tailor, a gathering of music critics, a historian, a Grand Lodge Museum Conservator, a  retired biochemist, a hospital attendant, etc. etc. etc. They make up a total of some 65 members who form a grand mosaic of all differently coloured and formed stones.

Nowadays, l’Age d’Or is one of three craft lodges meeting in the Masonic Hall, at the Steenschuur, Leiden. The other two being the afore-mentioned Lodge La Vertu no. 7 GEN and Lodge St. Andries no. 285 GEN.

The magnificent listed building (which unfortunately for reasons of restricted space could not be included in the official programme of the Festival) is also the home of, among others, a Royal Arch Chapter, a Lodge of Mark Master Masons and of Royal Ark Mariners, four KT preceptories, a RCC Conclave, a Rose-Croix chapter, and some other entities.  

MWBro Johannes Barents

Many members of l’Age d’Or are very active in various other masonic orders ‘beyond the Craft’. Many of these orders fall under the direct jurisdiction of a sovereign body in London and therefore most of the members of the lodge are very well acquainted with ‘British Freemasonry’.

We already mentioned one of the founders, Dirk van Peype. He for some years was Pro Grand First Principal in the Royal Arch, Provincial Sub-Prior in Knights Templar, and Deputy District Grandmaster in the Mark. In 2000, at the time of his untimely demise, he also was the Worshipful Master of the Quatuor Coronati Lodge no. 2076 (UGLE).

Another prominent founder and Past Master, the late Johannes M. Barents, in the last part of the 1980’s was the Grand Master of the Grand East of the Netherlands.

Yet another founder and Past Master, Koert de Vries, is at present the Grand Superintendant for the District of the Netherlands for the Knight Templar Priests.

VWBro Cor Hagen

Another Past Master, Everhard Pieter Kwaadgras is the Curator and Conservator of the Cultural Masonic Centre ‘Prince Frederick’ and also a member of Quatuor Coronati Lodge no. 2076. He has agreed to address the members of Internet Lodge no. 9659 UGLE with his lecture ‘Masonry with a Message and a Mission’ at their meeting in Kingston-upon-Hull on August 8th.

Also among the members of l’Age d’Or was the late Cornelis Johannes Hagen, who was the Grand Secretary in the first part of the 1990’s and who also was District Grand Master for the Netherlands in Mark Masonry and Deputy Intendant General of the Benelux Division for the Red Cross of Constantine.

The sudden death of their Founding Master DCJ van Peype in 2000, dealt a severe blow to the lodge. The loss so important as that of its principal architect could not fail of being generally and severely felt. For a while the lodge was plunged into the deepest of mourning and in utter prostration.

Although some individual members may, at times, have found it very difficult, they did not yield to dispair. The lodge was determined to keep to the accustomed standards of ritual. Their sense of unity undiminished, they are still firmly resolved to continue building on the foundations which DCJ and the other founders of the lodge have laid.  

WBro Ab. Goedhals

The members of l’Age d’Or are very excited that one of their other Past Masters, Ab. Goedhals (who occupied the Chair in 1993), has now given the lodge a new incentive. Being in an excellent position to do so, because he was progressing towards the chair of Master of Internet Lodge no. 9659 (UGLE), he conceived the audacious plan to let the members of Internet Lodge get Dutched and hold its 2002 Festival in the Netherlands. Invited by the Dutch Grand Master, MWBro Peter G Roodhuyzen, and hosted by lodge l’Age d’Or.

Among the members actively involved in organizing this event are two other Past Masters of l’Age d’Or, who followed his example and joined Internet Lodge: Werner Schwab and Johannes Van der Plaat. They, and all other members of l’Age d’Or, very much look forward to meeting and welcoming the members of Internet Lodge in the Netherlands.

You may rest assured that the traditional motto of their mother lodge: “C’est dans ces lieux qu’on voit encore les plaisirs de l’Age d’Or” has lost none of its splendour!