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Question 1. Is there a particular hotel in Hull where members are planning to stay and have a drink together on the Wednesday night?
Answer. Yes, indeed, we will have our traditional ‘evening before get-together’. Members will stay at the The Campanile Hotel, City Centre, Beverley Road/Freetown Way, Hull, HU2 9AN (Telephone: +44 (0) 1482 325 530), where Charles Arnold has kindly negotiated a block booking discount rate of 38 GBP per room (breakfast, full English and Continental, is 5.95 GBP extra). This hotel is only 10 to 15 minutes walk from the Masonic Centre in Dagger Lane.

Question 2. When will we receive our Cruise-Ferry tickets?
Answer. As this is a group booking there are no individual Cruise-Ferry tickets. At the time of embarkation boarding-passes will be distributed for all travellers from the check-in counter at the P & O Cruise-Ferry terminal in Kingston-upon-Hull. The same procedure will apply for the return journey, except for those who are returning at a later date. For them a return ticket with be distributed at the same time as their boarding passes upon departure from Kingston-upon-Hull.

Question 3. What time should we be departing from the Hull Masonic Centre?
Answer. I have been informed that the driving time from Hull Masonic Centre to the P & O cruise-ferry Terminal should take no more than 30 minutes. I aim for us all to be at the ferry terminal around 18.00 hours.

Question 4. What car parking arrangements are there in Hull for brethren?
Answer. There are free parking facilities in the multi-storey car park which forms an integral part of the new cruise-ferry terminal-building where you can leave your car for the duration of the visit to the Netherlands.
    Brother Secretary will shortly beposting a separate message about parking for the Hull Masonic Centre (for those not staying at the Campanile Hotel).

Question 5. Where is the car park where we shall leave our cars during the trip to the Netherlands?
Answer. It is an integral part of the Kingston-upon-Hull P & O cruise-ferry terminal-building.

Question 6. How long will it take to get from the Hull Centre to the car park and then on to the ferry?
Answer. It should go fairly quick from arrival in the car-park. But as we are a group, it is expected that we shall board the cruise-ferry as a group. We shall therefore gather in the hall of the terminal building.

Question 7. How do brethren and their partners get from the car park to the ferry with all their luggage?
Answer. There is a lift going from the multi-storey car-park directly into the hall of the terminal building. I suppose that there will also be trolleys there for our convenience.

Question 8. What is the latest time we should board the ferry?
Answer. Official boarding time is from 17.00 hours until 19.30 hours. As we have to board as a group, I aim for a boarding time of between 18.00 - 18.30 hours. We will therefore gather in the departure lounge around 18.00 hours and proceed through the check-in all together.

Question 9. Where and at what time are we meeting for drinks on the ferry?
Answer. After we have checked in, had a look at our cabins, and explored the ship I suggest we make our way to a bar. And as the Sky Lounge on the upper (12th) deck has been exclusively reserved for us to have our buffet dinner, I suggest we meet at its bar for pre-dinner drinks. (Be advised that not all lifts aboard the ship go to this Sky Lounge deck level!)

Question 10. What time are we sitting down to dinner on the ferry?
Answer. Dinner has been arranged in the Sky Lounge at 20.15 for 20.30 hours.

Question 11. What events will be black tie events in Holland (i.e. is it your wish that Brethren should wear Dinner Jackets)?
Answer. The Lodge meeting in Arnhem/Velp on the Saturday afternoon will be in dinner jacket (black tie).
    In fact, the standard attire for the meetings of Lodge l’Age d’Or (as in most other Lodges in the Netherlands) is full formal evening dress (tailcoat with white tie and a black (!) waistcoat) so if you have evening tails and would like an opportunity to wear them: feel free to do so.

Question 12. Do we need to bring our GL certificate for our visit the lodge in the Netherlands?
Answer. As you are all members of Internet Lodge, there is no need to bring your GL certificate to the attend the Dutch Lodge l’Age d’Or. As Worshipful Master of Internet Lodge I will personally vouch for your bona fides.

Question 13. (For (Provincial) Grand Officers): Are full dress regalia (and chains) required for our visit to the lodge in the Netherlands or should (Provincial) Grand Officers wear their undress kit?
Answer. There is no distinction between full dress and undress regalia in the Grand East of the Netherlands (GENL), so it depends largely on what you yourself would prefer. On the one hand the meeting will (unfortunately) not be a formal meeting of Internet Lodge, but on the other hand the Grandmaster of the Grand East of the Netherlands will be present in his official capacity. I would suggest that you might prefer to wear the same regalia as the regalia you intend to wear at our meeting in Hull.

Question 14. What should I wear at the Saturday evening Festival Dinner?
Answer. The dinner-dance in the Museum of Antiquities on Saturday evening will be a dinner jacket (i.e. black tie) event. If you would like to wear a white dinner jacket, you are actively encouraged to do so.
    There will be ample time between the Lodge meeting and the start of the dinner-dance for us to go back to the hotel and change for dinner.

Question 15. What events will be evening dress events for the ladies?
Answer. Only the dinner-dance on Saturday evening.

Question 16. For what events/visits will smart casual clothing be acceptable, and, - apropos the last point - should ties always be worn?
Answer. The clothes to be worn at the luncheon on the Friday afternoon is ‘dressy casual’, as the dress-code at the private club where this luncheon is held reads: “jackets and ties are to be worn by the gentlemen and denim is not allowed”.
    IMPORTANT: As you only allowed to take hand luggage into the cabins aboard the cruise-ferry, it is a good idea to pack a separate bag with the things you need on the crossing. (You may leave your other clearly labelled luggage on a special baggage trailer, once you are through passport control.)
    Please make sure that you also bring the clothes you intend to wear at the Friday luncheon aboard with you, as there is no opportunity to change from dis-embarking the vessel on Friday morning until after the luncheon on Friday! You should therefore disembark the cruise-ferry wearing the above mentioned dressy casuals!

    The dinner on the Friday evening (after checking in into the hotel) and all of the activities on the Sunday will be informal affairs, where you may wear whatever you like and feel comfortable in.

Question 17. Does that mean that we will have to board the cruise-ferry as an undertakers congregation?
Answer. If you so desire, you may of course change into your light suit or blazer and flannels at the Masonic Hall in Hull prior to leaving for the cruise-ferry terminal. You will certainly not be the only one to so do!

Question 18. How about the accessibility of the venues in the Netherlands?
Answer. I have been informed that all locations are accessible by wheel-chair.

Question 19. When brethren and partners return to Hull from Rotterdam at the end of the Festival event and disembark from the cruise-ferry ship in Kingston-upon-Hull, what transport arrangements will be available for them to get back to their cars?
Answer. There is no need for special transport, as there is a lift going from the hall of the terminal building directly into the multi-storey car-park.