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Question 1. In some pages, it seems that there are links to other pages (some words are underlined), but I cannot get them to work? The same with some of the buttons in the navigation bar?
Answer. As the web-site is still under construction, certain pages are not yet finished or unavailable. In order, however, to show what details will be filled in at a later stage, the structure is being put in place, while some of the links have still to be enabled. So come back regularly and see What’s New.

Question 2. What is the meaning of the coloured buttons in the top left hand corner of the page?
Answer. They are used to navigate the site, and further explained on the page Navigating this Site.

Question 3. I have been told that on the Continent people drive on the wrong side of the road. [AbG: Uhm, we tend to call it the right side <grin>.] I do not really fancy bringing my car over and subject myself to the stress of having to drive over there. Have you thought of that?
Answer. Yes indeed. All transport throughout the weekend will be either by coach, by mini-bus or by ship, from the moment you arrive in Rotterdam up until the time you are returned again to the cruise-ferry. You may safely leave your car at the ferry-terminal in Kingston-upon-Hull, where you will find ample long-stay car-park facilities. (In fact, the crossing as a foot-passenger is a lot less expensive!)
    Having said this, however, I find that driving on the other side of the road than to the side to which you are accustomed usually does not pose too many problems.

Question 4. The weekend looks great, but I would like to stay somewhat longer in the Netherlands / Europe. Can I bring my car over and make this weekend part of my vacation?
Answer. Of course. In fact, I think it is a excellent idea, as there is so many more exciting places to visit in the Netherlands than I shall be able to show you in just three days’ time. I would however recommend, as the activities for the weekend are centred around collective coach transport, that you stay in the recommended hotel in Leiden.
    You might consider bringing your car over, leaving it at the long-stay car park near the Rotterdam ferry terminal until the Sunday afternoon. Alternatively, you could follow the coach to the hotel on Friday.

Question 5. Why have you chosen to travel to the Continent from Kingston-upon-Hull?
Answer. As a frequent traveller to the United Kingdom (last year alone I made twenty-two crossings!) I have found that the P & O ferry is the most relaxed way to travel to the Continent and start the weekend. Therefore, I can warmly recommend this cruise-ferry.
    Some other ways of travel may at first glance seem more convenient, more efficient or just cheaper, but this can be misleading. E.g. the Eurotunnel Shuttle train-service only takes 20 minutes to cross the Channel, but you have to add a rather boring five hours’ drive from Calais to the Netherlands to this.

Question 6. I am prone to severe sea-sickness. Do I really have to travel to the Netherlands on a cruise-ferry?
Answer. Apart from the reasons explained in the previous answer, I have also chosen the overnight P & O cruise-ferry because it allows for a meet-and-greet session and an informal dinner on board of the ship on the Thursday evening.
    If, however, you would like to travel to the Netherlands by train or by air-plane, that is of course quite all-right. You could fly to Schiphol (Amsterdam International) Airport or to Zestienhoven (Rotterdam International) Airport, or take the Euro-star train from London’s Waterloo Station. If you would also like to bring your car over, you could drive to Folkestone, take the Eurotunnel and drive up from Calais (ca. 360 kilometers, about a five hours’ drive).
    Whichever way you choose to travel, however, I would suggest that you be in Leiden on Thursday evening, as the activities on the Friday begin early in the morning after the arrival of the cruise-ferry in Rotterdam. (The coach which will collect those arriving at Rotterdam will first pick you up at the hotel in Leiden.)

Question 7. But what if I also would like to attend the meeting in Kingston-upon-Hull as well as the tour?
Answer. In that case I would advise you to fly with KLM uk from Humberside International Airport to Schiphol (Amsterdam International) Airport. The latest flight from Humberside International Airport (which is about an 18 miles’ drive from Kingston-upon-Hull) departs at 18.00 hours.
    Should you have an aversion to both travelling by sea and by air-plane: then both elements cannot be combined, I'm afraid.

Question 8. I will have to miss the meeting in Kingston-upon-Hull because I will travel to the Continent on my own. How will I know where and when to be in the Netherlands?
Answer. Most of the information which is also relevant to this question can be found in the answers I have given to the questions 4, 6 and 11.
    Depending on the number of members and guests who are already in Leiden on the Thursday evening I will arrange for someone (perhaps even one of the Dutch members of our Lodge) to act that evening as ‘co-host’ at an informal dinner in Leiden for the members and guests of Internet Lodge and the members of the Dutch Lodge “l’Age d’Or” no. 235.

Question 9. I do not live on the British Isles. Do I really have to start the weekend in Kingston-upon-Hull?
Answer. The meeting in Kingston-upon-Hull is intended to be a very short (emergency) administrative meeting. However, a lecture will be given by W.Bro. Evert Kwaadgras as an introduction to the masonic part of the visit to the Netherlands, while the ladies and non-masonic guests will receive an introduction to the visit of the Royal Palace which they will tour on Saturday. Afterwards we will enjoy a guided tour of the impressive Masonic Hall.
    Although this meeting and the subsequent travel by cruise-ferry promise to be interesting and informative as well as great fun, they are of course by no means obligatory or indispensable.
    For more information on how best to travel to Leiden, read also the replies to previous questions.

Question 10. My time is very limited. Could I only attend the Lodge meeting on Saturday?
Answer. Of course you could. You will be missing a lot of great things, however!

Question 11. Why have you chosen the city of Leiden as the place to stay?
Answer. Apart from the fact that I have spent most of my life in Leiden, and that my mother Lodge is based there, Leiden is also very strategically located.
    It is only twenty minutes by train-journey from Schiphol (Amsterdam International) Airport and only fifteen minutes from the central train station in The Hague, where the Eurostar-trains from London arrive. (As an aside: the recommend hotel is just across the street of the train station in Leiden.)

Question 12. Why is the programme so full? I would prefer some more time to spend and explore on my own.
Answer. The trip has been designed as a three day introduction to the Netherlands. You may extend your visit in the Netherlands as long as you like, and I would very much recommend that you do. Apart from the many charms of the historic university city of Leiden itself, this town is also very strategically located. Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Delft and Utrecht (to name but a few interesting cities) are all less than half an hours’ journey by car or by train away.

Question 13. Why do you ask for such a substantial deposit / guarantee?
Answer. As you have seen, the programme is rather elaborate, and a number of the attractions have to be reserved, booked and in some cases (a deposit) paid, a long time in advance. I do not really wish to advance the sums concerned from my own private means, even if I could! Furthermore, some elements of the programme require a minimum attendance, and I have to make sure that this is indeed met.

Question 14. You mention a minimum attendance in your previous answer?
Answer. Ah yes. Unfortunately, due to the special arrangements which have been made or will be made with some of the venues, I need a certain minimum number of attenders, especially at the dinner-dance and the Rotterdam Harbour cruise. I trust, however, that you will all enthusiastically support me in this very exiting undertaking.

Question 15. What if that minimum attendance is not met?
Answer. Then we will all have to row back to England on the Sunday afternoon and perhaps wash the dinner dishes ourselves <grin>. No, seriously, it will mean that the special location for the Saturday night dinner and/or the Rotterdam harbour trip might have to be cancelled.

Question 16. OK, OK, so you would like to see all of us. Say we turn up in droves. Then what?
Answer. Tickets will be made available on a first come, first served basis. Rest assured, however, that the maximum number for the events is set quite high. The special-priced hotel accommodation, and the special offer from P&O for the reduced rate of cabin accomodation, is limited (both to 35 rooms/cabins), though.

Question 17. How about the accessibility of the venues?
Answer. I have been informed that all locations are accessible by wheel-chair.